Our Story

Amazing experiences supporting nature.

Our Story

Our Story

— Our Story

We started as a sami and reindeer experience in Northern Norway and have taken the Sami values of working with nature, protecting the nature and leaving the nature to support the next generation.

We learned that travel and tourism when done right can be a great tool for ensuring our worlds best places are kept pristine whilst also helping the traveller to learn about the culture and the area and develop themselves. We have taken this experience and knowledge and are now offering tours across scandanavia in our own unique Sami way. We therefore make the following promises to you:

1.) BEST TOURS: We only work with the best tours and those tours which have continually received 5 star reviews from their guests.
2.) PRICE GUARANTEE: You will not be able to buy any tour we provide cheaper anywhere else
3.) DONATE 5% - 20% OF EVERY BOOKING We donate up to 20% of every booking directly to local nature, environment, wildlife or cultural charities.
4.) SECURE PAYMENT: Secure payment channel with option for full refund as long as you provide 48 hour cancellation notice
5.) ECO RATING: All our tours are committed to low environmental and ecological impact. Together we assess all tours in order to give you the most accurate data regarding its environmental status.

— Mission

First, we want that the best experiences and tours which are easy to find and can provide amazing moments and memories.

Second, we want to change people’s attitudes towards a more conscious way to travel and experience the world.

Third, we want to divert some of the money which is being spent on tours and experiences back into the nature and environment to make sure that it remains in perfect condition and can be experienced by future generations.

— How it works

Zeme Tours negotiate a reduced rate with tour providers because we buy multiple tours per year and because they support our goal to channel more fundsto nature charities. We then sell the tours to you the traveller at the same price as you will find it anywhere else. We pay the largest part to the tour provider (70 – 80%) so they give you the greatest experience, 10 – 20% to charity and then keep what is left (5 – 15%) to run Zeme Eco Tours.

Amazing experiences supporting nature.

email: info@zemetours.com
phone: +47 983 13 038 or + 47 957 59 710
international phone: +358 (0)40 715 8768